Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Products and Styles

We have a range of different hearing aid brands to meet your hearing loss, lifestyle, needs, and wants. Hearing aids have advanced very rapidly over the past decade. In fact, every few months new hearing aids come into the market. We can help you find the devices that fit your hearing, style, and budget.

Hearing aids come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. There are many different options because each person is unique and has unique needs and wants.

Hearing Aid Services

In our office, we can will professionally clean and check your hearing aids. If they are not functioning properly and we cannot fix them in our office, we can send them to a lab to be repaired.

If you are interested in hearing about the latest hearing aids, we can provide a listening demonstration of the latest hearing aids. We believe you should always be able to “test drive” before purchasing hearing aids., which is why Republic Hearing Aid offers a remarkable new program that lets you test your hearing aids before buying them. Come in for a hearing evaluation, and if you qualify, you will go home with trial hearing aids precisely programmed to your hearing needs and preferences. Try them out in the comfort of your own life – wherever that may be. At the end of the trial period, you decide if you love them. If so, you can move forward with a purchase. If not, walk away and owe absolutely nothing.

Hearing Aid Brands

Click on the Hearing Aid Manufacturers’ names below to see what’s new with each company:

Unitron  |  Rexton   |   Siemens  |  Starkey  |   Widex  | Phonak  |  Sonic |  ReSound  | Oticon

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