Meet Your Specialist

Marcey Jumper

Associate of Applied Science in Hearing Instrument Science

Marcey, a native of Missouri, discovered her calling at an early age, aspiring to a career dedicated to aiding others. Her fervor lies in establishing close connections with individuals within a system that values personalization over mere numerical representation. Over the course of 25 years, she has devoted herself to assisting people in both customer service and the medical domain, eventually leading her to pursue specialized education in addressing the needs of the hearing impaired. Starting her college career with many hours of business and marketing study, she then realized where her true passion was. Following four years of rigorous training, she earned her degree in Hearing Instrument Science.

Post-graduation, Marcey opted for private practice, driven by a desire to craft her own approach to providing tailored solutions for her clients’ hearing impairments. She derives immense satisfaction from directly engaging with individuals, recognizing the importance of forging genuine connections with her patients to ensure optimal care. Particularly drawn to her elderly clients, she cherishes the captivating narratives shared during her sessions, appreciating the invaluable wisdom imparted by her patients.

Marcey offers her clients two significant advantages. Firstly, she boasts access to an extensive array of hearing aid options from over nine leading companies, enabling her to identify top-quality solutions at competitive prices. This flexibility ensures that she can recommend the most suitable device without being bound to a single manufacturer. Secondly, Marcey possesses expertise in customizing hearing aids to suit each patient’s unique needs, excelling in achieving the perfect match between device and individual. This personalized approach guarantees the best possible outcome for her clients.

Beyond her dedication to enhancing her clients’ hearing capabilities, Marcey is equally passionate about preventing hearing loss. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of hearing aids, she also provides a diverse selection of hearing protection options.

Marcey finds immense joy in outdoor pursuits such as walking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and boating, often immersing herself in nature’s beauty. She savors vacations and road trips, always eager for new adventures. With a passion for healthy living, Marcey dedicates herself to meal prep, cooking nutritious meals, and exploring natural remedies. In her downtime, she indulges her creative side with epoxy crafts and nurtures her love for plants, creating vibrant green spaces wherever she goes.