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Marcey is a Missouri native who knew early in life that she wanted a career helping people. Her passion is to work closely with people in a system where people are treated like individuals not numbers. She spent 16 years working to help people in customer service and the medical field. Working in these areas led Marcey to enroll in school to specialize in providing solutions for the hearing impaired. She trained for four years and obtained her degree in Hearing Instrument Science.

After receiving her degree, Marcey decided to go into private practice so she could create her own system of working with her clients to create personalized treatment for their hearing impairment. Marcey finds working directly with people very fulfilling and believes it is important to develop a personal connection with her patients in order to give them the best care. She especially enjoys her older clients and loves the intriguing stories she hears while working with her patients. She says a major side benefit is all of the sage advice she receives from her patients.

In addition to the personal experience, patients get two very important benefits when working with Marcey. First, Marcey has access to over 9 of the major hearing aid companies. This means she can find the best quality hearing aid at the best value. She is not locked into only one company, which means she doesn’t have to try to sell something to a patient that might not be the right fit for them. Second, is that Marcey is skilled at tailoring hearing aids that are best for the individual patient and she excels at creating the best match between hearing aid and patient. This gives the them the best possible fit for the best possible result. Marcey is passionate about not only helping people hear the world around them better but also about hearing loss prevention. In addition to hearing aids she carries a large selection of hearing protection as well. Contact Marcey at her office by phone at 417-732-HEAR or stop by one of the Republic Hearing Care offices at:

Republic, MO
929 US Highway 60 East, Suite B
Republic, MO 65738


Springfield, MO
725 W Battlefield Road
Springfield, MO 65807

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