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When you have identified that you have struggled with hearing the sounds of life you want to hear, you need a trusted provider to help you.  We will take the time to evaluate, consult and guide you to make the right choice.  The right choice consists of what will provide the best results, with the best value and the right comfort for you. At some clinics you may have to have 3 separate appointments before you are fit with a hearing aid.  Right now, we can work with your schedule to accommodate getting you fit for a hearing aid as soon as you need it.  Typically the process is as follows:

  1.  Your first appointment is to test your hearing and discuss your needs
  2.  Determine what the best treatment is:  try demo units or order hearing aids
  3.  2nd appointment is to check how you are doing with your demo or be fit with your hearing aids that you ordered.
  4.  Then during the first weeks you we will check up on you to make programming adjustments as needed.

It may take several weeks for you and your brain to adjust to this but this is your body’s senses working as they should.  Once you have worn the hearing aids for a few weeks and taken time to make adjustments with our help, you will be hearing closer to you did 20 years ago than you would have imagined.

  • Hearing Aids – We have a range of different hearing aid brands to meet your hearing loss, lifestyle, needs, and wants.  Hearing aids have advanced very rapidly over the past decade.  In fact, every few months new hearing aids come into the market.  We can help you find the devices that fit your hearing, style, and budget.
  • Hearing Protection – SoundGear hearing protection products are made by Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing technology and premier provider in hearing healthcare.
  • Hearing Evaluations – Republic Hearing Care provides a wide range of hearing instrument services for all ages including diagnostic and rehabilitation options. Hearing loss can be caused by multiple factors including noise exposure, aging, ototoxic medications, genetics, acoustic trauma, and infections.

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