Hearing Evaluation & Testing

Hearing Aid Evaluations and Fittings

Based upon the hearing test results and your lifestyle, appropriate amplification options can be discussed to fit your individual needs and improve your quality of life – our main goal is your best interest:

  • Hearing aids from various manufacturers
  • Hearing aid demonstrations performed in the office
  • Zero interest credit options are available for financing hearing aid purchases – click here for more information 
  • Validation of hearing aid benefit using statistically-based questionnaires


Republic Hearing Aid offers a remarkable new program that lets you test your hearing aids before buying them. Come in for a hearing evaluation, and if you qualify, you will go home with trial hearing aids precisely programmed to your hearing needs and preferences. Try them out in the comfort of your own life – wherever that may be. At the end of the trial period, you decide if you love them. If so, you can move forward with a purchase. If not, walk away and owe absolutely nothing.


The signs of hearing loss can be subtle. The best way to discover if you have a hearing loss is with a thorough hearing test with our audiologist. To help determine if an appointment would be appropriate for you, please look at the following items below and see if they apply to you.

  • Do people seem to mumble in conversation?
  • Has a loved one or friend recently told you they thing you may have a hearing loss?
  • Do you feel a constant pressure in your ear?
  • Do you struggle to pinpoint where sounds are coming from?
  • Do you ever experience a ringing in one or both of your ears?
  • Does your family every get frustrated that you've misunderstood something they said?
  • Do you struggle to follow the conversation at family gatherings?
  • Do you struggle to hear over the telephone?
  • Have you previously worked in noisy areas such as a factory or an airport?

If three or more of the items above apply to your situation, you may have a hearing loss, and may benefit from a comprehensive evaluation with Republic Hearing Care. Please submit your information using the form on this page and we will follow up to schedule your appointment.

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