Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Using and Maintaining your Hearing Instruments

Now that you have hearing instruments, you may notice sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. Background street noises, a chirping bird, children playing… these are all sounds that gradually faded out of your life as your hearing diminished. Your decision to explore this new world of sound will enhance your quality of life.

From the International Hearing Society:

The key is to remain optimistic during the adjustment period. You must give yourself time to adjust to better hearing. Daily use of your hearing instruments will be essential to that process. Through it all, your Hearing Instrument Specialist ® will be there to: instruct you on the proper insertion of your new hearing instruments show you basic care and maintenance of your instruments provide an individualized program to help you adjust to your newfound ability to hear consult with your family and others to help them better communicate with you and help you adjust to your new hearing system

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Service and Repair

A hearing instrument is a delicate, high-tech, electronic device and its operating lifespan depends greatly on its proper care. Gentle handling, occasional preventive maintenance, and a few simple precautions will result in longer life and less expense to its owner. It is important that your instrument be serviced by the office where you purchased it. Hearing Instrument Specialists® who are members of IHS will provide you with continuing service.

Here are a few general suggestions for the proper care of your hearing instrument:

  • Keep the hearing instrument dry and avoid excessive heat.
  • Remove spent batteries immediately.
  • Do not drop on hard surfaces.
  • Protect the hearing instrument from hard knocks.
  • Do not use hair spray while wearing the instrument.
  • Turn the instrument off each time you remove it.
  • Never use alcohol or cleaning fluid to clean the earmold or instrument. Your Hearing Instrument Specialist® can explain the proper procedure for keeping the earmold clean.
  • Do not attempt to repair the instrument yourself.
  • If it is not working properly, consult your Hearing Instrument Specialist®. Proper care and maintenance will significantly extend the lifetime of your hearing system.

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